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Whats going on in the shop update.

I wish I could say I was as busy as could be but thats not he case, business is very slow and sporadic, This week was a little busier than the last month or so. I keep manufacturing products and putting them up on my ETSY page and here on the web site. The reason I started this business is I have to take care of my wife and I cannot be away for any length of time. so that leaves out getting a job. people do not want to hire someone with problems such as mine constantly taking days off to take your wife to the doctors office just does not go over very well with a boss. I spent my life well up until the last 12 years working in paper mills, machine shops and foundries. But that all came to a stop when my wife got sick with something the doctors have never heard of and cannot treat, lucky us. I enjoy doing what I do welding, fabricating and machining. The truth is I do not know where I am going with little to no work here in Florida and the wife not willing to move I am in between a rock and a hard place, Bills keep pilling up, property taxes need to be paid, home owners  insurance need to be paid, medications need to be purchased the bills keep coming and there is no money for anything. I am sorry for ranting about my trouble there are people out there with more troubles than mine.


Update on the MrDeburr machine I picket up used did some work to it and did not pay a lot for it. The parts that are coming out of it are much better than expected. The stainless steel flag holder Brackets are coming out with a very nice finish I am working with my supplier MC Finishing on a recipe for polishing these to a mirror finish.



Thank you to the ones who help keep me working thank you.


Richard Gallagher

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