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Whats going on in the shop 2/25/2018

I have been busy in the shop on several customer projects, some are on non disclosure agreements that I cannot show you pictures of or talk about. Some of the items I can.  Bellow are a few that I can.

24″ X 36″ Steel grilling rack to use on a fire pit.

24″ x 36″ Steel grill grate for us on a fire pit.

Next I made this 22″ Stainless steel bar grate that the customer will replace his low quality factory supplied grate on his ceramic egg style grill. The customer has replaced his grill grates numerous times and is tired of buying low quality grates that rust out in less than a year.



This is a Stainless steel sear rack also for a ceramic egg style grill. This rack hangs by its feet to get the cooking surface right on the fire for searing steaks. Again the customer has purchased numerous grates and none last. This grate fits 22″ grills.







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