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Whats going on in the shop 11/11/2018

I have been trying to get caught up on work in the shop and to get products for the web site made. My flag holder stock has been replenished for the holiday season. If you are wanting to give my stainless steel flag holders as gifts I would order them soon last year I was sold out by the first week in December. If you are thinking about having custom grill grates made December 4th would be about the last day to order that I can guarantee you will get them for Christmas.

I just finished up a very nice aluminum project for a local nursery that allows them to deliver there plants with out damage and folds up out of the way so they can use the truck for other uses.

Bellow are some pictures of the aluminum shelf project and some flag holders being made along with a small dump body repair.


Flag holders.

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Custom fabricated folding shelf for plant delivery truck.


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Steel dump body rot repair.


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