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Whats going on in the shop 3/1/2019

Aluminum fabrication

The 2019 year has started off very rocky, but has steadily regaining its pace. I have been busy with local customers work. I am currently working on a Aluminum potting table with soil hopper for one of the local nurseries. This potting table is a large project and I am taking my time on it I do not believe in rushing a job just to get it done. This potting table will be a focal point for the nursery business and seen by many customers. I have also been busy with several repairs.

One repair was for a BigTex 70SR Dump trailer the trailer has not worked since it was purchased new. The company called me into see if I could find out what was going on. The trailer dealer even replaced the hydraulic power unit and the trailer still did not work. I looked at the truck and trailer and discovered one problem right away the truck did not have any power to the trailer plug to recharge the battery. The second problem was the replacement pump was no good. I contacted the pump manufacture KTI in California and told them what I found with there pump and they send me out a rebuild kit for free. Once the pump was rebuilt the pump was installed in the trailer. Fixed the wiring on the truck the dump trailer now works like it should have from the factory.

Another quick repair I was able to get a few pictures of was a fork carriage for a loader that damaged. A wheel loader backed over the fork carriage and broke the guard off the top of the carriage.

Aluminum Potting table and hopper.

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Fork Carriage Repair.

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BigTex 70SR Hydraulic pump.

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