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Whats going on in the shop 4/07/2019

I have been extremely busy with local customers the last 2 months. As a job shop I do all kinds of work from welding, fabrication, hydraulic repairs & trouble shooting, to tractor repair and construction equipment repair along with local processors of citrus and plant nurseries. basically if its broke I fix it. I never know what I will be doing from day to day. Most days I am able to work on jobs in progress in the shop but lately I have been getting more and more emergency calls to come get there business back up and running. that slows down shop production.

I am about a month behind on grill grate fabrication. I would like to thank the people who have been very patient during the long wait. There are a few people who rather be impatient and rude and I am sorry I am only one person. I cannot go any faster than I am currently going and I have asked for there patience and thats about all I can do. Last week I received a large order of stainless rod for grill grates and had to send it back because it was unusable. After going back and forth with the steel mill there rep came to the shop and we sat down and discussed the reasons the stainless is no good to me. The answer I was given is it is due to the terrifs. Well that is not an answer I want to hear or do my customers. I was called Friday late after noon and was told a small part of the order will be delivered on Monday by pick up truck, the other 4800 feet will ship the end of next week. At least I can get going on some of the orders that have been waiting for a long time.

I will not use material that is not to my standards if the customer has to wait a little while longer then so be it. I will not ship out poor quality products.

All of my customers are very important to me and I try my best to get all orders filled in a timely manner. Being in my type of business if I get an emergency call I have to drop what I am doing and go get that customer back up and running.


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