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Stainless steel grill grate manufacturing delays.

For the last 4 weeks I have been trying to order the Stainless steel used to make my grill grates. Several orders of material have been received and sent back to the steel mills. The material is substandard and welding and polishing is impossible. I have sent samples of the material to other suppliers around the country trying to obtain the proper material required for the grill grates. As of 4/14/2019 I still have no answers. I have been told by a couple of steel mills it’s because of the government tariffs but I do not buy that. What does tariffs have to do with substandard material quality the finished material is made here in the USA. The mill I have purchased the stainless rod from for several years suddenly does not produce the rod I have been buying.

I have no control over when and if the high quality stainless I use will be available. 

I do applicate the patience of my customers and I do understand that you have spent a lot of money for a high quality item and you have not received it. I will not produce my high quality grill grates with low quality substandard material. If I cannot source the proper material in the next 7 to 10 days I will be issuing full refunds to all my customers who have grill grates on order.

I am very sorry for the delay and apologize.  This is not anything I can control.

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