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Whats going on in the shop 4/28/2019

I have been very busy with customer breakdowns. Seems like companies are pushing there equipment hard to make up for lost time during the recession and poor yields on there farms.

this Kubota R520S loader attachment mount was bent because the operator could not get off the machine to lock the attachment to the machine. replacement is not available and down time would be excessive. I removed the unit from the machine Friday morning and reinstalled the repaired unit Saturday morning so they can use the machine on Monday morning.

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Next was a Tree Boom with a worn out hook mount needed to be repaired for employee safety. Removed worn out piece and fabricated new one from 3/4″ steel plate.

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I have finally found a source for the quality stainless I use in the stainless steel grill grates I make and sell on the web site. Because of the delay in sourcing the right material i am very far behind. Hopefully the break down will calm down so I can get caught up. 18 hr days makes for a very long week, I am not complaining I just do not like being behind. Several other jobs were done that I did not get pictures of and some I did and will post later.

I want to apologizes again to the customers who have been patiently waiting for the stainless grill grate order to be filled.

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