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Whats going on in the shop 10/27/2019

I have thankfully been very busy with many different projects. As a 1 man shop its a very difficult thing to update the website, Quote work, Ship out the orders and make the products. I wish I could do more shop updates hopefully in the near future.

I have been busy with the stainless steel grill grates here are a couple i was able to get pictures of.

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I also added a new product to the website a stainless steel grill grate lifter. These handy tools make it easy to lift your grill grate add more wood or stoke your fire. You can lift a grate loaded with food and not worry about it spilling.

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My stainless steel flag pole holder brackets are flying off the self I cannot make them fast enough. The heavy duty construction and rock solid design make them a permanent fixture on the outside of your home. These are the first and last flag pole holder brackets you will ever buy.

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