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What’s going on in the shop 4/16/2021

I would like to Thank everyone who has supported us and allowed us to stay extremely busy during the pandemic Thank you.

Product availability:

I try to keep product made and instock so when you place your order I can get the item shipped out with in a day or two of ordering. Material is becoming difficult to get and is taking longer than expected to receive. that is causing delays in manufacturing of products for the website which intern is causing delays in shipping products out to you. Material prices have doubled and in some cases tripled I am trying not to raise my prices at this time. Hope fully the steel market will settle down and prices will start to drop but if they do not settle down i will be forced to raise my prices.


As of January 20th 2021 UPS has raised its rates 20%  USPS has raised there rates 20% and not to be out done FedEx has also raised there rates by 20% and also now included a $50.00 heavy item fee for orders over 50 Lbs. I do not make anything on shipping in fact we lose money on shipping almost every order. The prices displayed on the website are the actual shipping prices.

I feel it is important to remain transparent with our customers and to keep them informed.


Thank you,

Rich Gallagher Owner/Fabricator

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