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Price increase and Shop update.

This is something I have been trying very hard not to have to due but I must raise my prices. Our raw material prices have drastically gone up over the last year and a half and unfortunately there is no relief in sight. We are incurring price increases from every direction from fuel for our trucks, credit card processing fee’s, Insurance, tooling, and misc. supplies. The prices we are paying today for most everything has doubled if not tripled and in some cases gone up 10x. I am left with no option but to raise our prices drastically to still make a small profit on our products.


I have been asked by numerous people when will our stainless steel plant hangers be back in stock. We made a large batch of them in early December but a local nursery bought them up so we made another batch and those also sold out before we had them finished. I am hoping this batch our online customers can get before other nurseries buy these up also.


I would like to Thank all of our customers for supporting us and look forward to serving you in the future.

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