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What’s going on in the shop 7/12/2022

We had said back in Decembers post we had some big news coming to the shop. Well unfortunately the only big news is there is no big news. In November we had placed an order for a new HAAS TM2p CNC milling machine to expand the shop, help with quality and speed up production. 8 months later we have nothing except for angry customers with no parts. We called our dealer HAAS HFO Trident SE in Tampa and asked what was going on only to get this for a response, Ohh sorry my bad I don’t know how this go so far out of hand. The machine was to be delivered 3 to 4 months after we ordered it. The dealer never followed up on the order, never tracked its progress or lack off, never gave a damn about it. Now we are dealing with lawyers due to the fact we were unable to produce the parts for our customers. we are looking at some very large fines for breach of contract. The dealer does not care what domino mess they have set off they have washed there hands and are unaccountable for the mess we are now in. If the dealer would have done there job we would have our new machine, making parts keeping customers happy. The future of the shop is un known due to this major set back.

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