Custom made stainless steel grill grates.

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Custom fabricated grill grates for gas grills, charcoal grills, natural gas grills, fire pits, smokers and commercial kitchens. All grates are hand made to order so you can get the grate you want not what is on a shelf that someone else thinks you want.

All grates are fabricated with 304 Stainless steel and TIG welded. The cooking surface is flattened expanded stainless steel. Flattened stainless steel expanded metal gives a sooth surface for cooking on.

Attention customers looking for quotes on grill grates please do not call looking for a quote. Quotes have to be done through the website only. Scroll to the bottom of this page and fill in the quote request form with the information needed. Any questions you might have included them in the comment box. I physically cannot quote grates over the phone and get orders made to ship out. I am a small 1 man shop. I do quotes early in the mornings only. The quote will cover most all of the questions you have. 

To request a quote scroll to the bottom of this page and fill out the form.

Click here to view our stainless steel grill grate album.

Hand made in the USA.


Custom made Stainless Steel grill grates.

Custom fabricated grill grates for gas grills, charcoal grills, natural gas grills, fire pits, smokers and commercial kitchens of all kinds. If you have a custom  idea contact me and I can make it for you. The slide show, shows numerous grates that I have made. 

My grates are fabricated with American made material along with pride and craftsmanship. My grates will out last your grill consequentially  no more seasonal buying of grill grates. I also make inexpensive steel grates that will last for several years.  Depends on your budget and your grilling needs. Please view the slide show below showing my grates being made.

All grill grates are made by hand to order.

When you inquire for quote please send your zip code so I can quote your shipping. If you have pictures they are very helpful. Include the dimensions you have from your old grate or the opening size you want the grill to fit when you contact me.

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How to measure your grill.

     Measure the width:


1. Measure your grill Width from Side to Side (from support to support)
2. Round DOWN to the closest full inch, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 (.00, .25, .50, .75)Ex: This grill is 24 5/8″ wide from the edge of the left side of the grill to the edge of the right side of the grill, we would submit 24.5″ width

Measure the depth:


3. Measure your grill Depth from Front to Back. 
4. Round DOWN to the nearest .00, .25, .50, .75 (full inch, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4)

Ex: This grill is 18 1/3″ deep from the front grill grate support to the back grill grate support,we would submit 18.25″ Depth

For a round grill measure the same way as any other grill to make sure the grill is round not egged.

Use the form below to receive a quote. Include your dimensions and if handles are needed I offer stainless steel cool touch spring handles, standard round bar handles or a 2 pc set of stainless steel grill grate lifters. If you have your grill make and model number I can cross reference the size to make sure you are ordering the right grate for your grill.



Grill Grate Quote Request Form

Fill in the the form below to receive a quote on your custom grill grate.

Attention Customers:

Attention Customers:

I am back in the shop getting caught up on orders. Once I am caught back up on orders I will begin quoting jobs again. Thank you for your patience during this difficult time.


15 reviews for Custom made stainless steel grill grates.

  1. Dave

    I had a 24″ X 36″ Custom steel grill grate made for my fire pit and its built to last 2 or 3 lifetimes. Great workmanship and attention to detail.
    Dave Vero Lakes Estates Vero Beach FL.

  2. Dustin Eakes

    Work great, looks great.  I definitely appreciate it and if I can ever use you in the future, I certainly will.
     Thanks again!
    Dustin Eakes Ga.

  3. Lydia Flynn

    Hi Richard, Thanks so much, I’m very happy with the grate that you made!

  4. Ray Oster

    The custom grate was made to exacting specifications, and shipped within 2 weeks of the order being made. The communication was effortless, the quality of the work and the welding outstanding, and the packaging for shipping was done with total care. Everything was top notch, organized and perfectly done. This guy cares a great deal about doing a job very well. Toronto Canada

  5. Dany Houle

    Got the grill ! thanks great quality , great transaction i’ll say good  words for you in my bbq forum on FB thanks !    Dany Quebec Canada

  6. Dean Roan

    Hello Richard,  Fed Ex delivered grill on Saturday   WOW    it’s to nice to use (ha ha)  I am very satisfied with it.   Thanks and I will definitely recommend others to your web site.   Thanks again   I’ll get some photos to ya later …Dean

  7. Sammy Cruz

    Great Quality this was a special order for a customer. i see grates coming from other countries the US still makes the best product out their worth the extra cost proud to say made in the USA Great job Guys Sam

  8. Kevin Ristroph

    Hi Richard, I received the replacement grate today.  Measurements are perfect, and it looks great.  Beautiful welds; I am glad you didn’t grind any of them!  It fits on top of the plate setter and on the fire ring, which is great.  Thanks again for making this right and thanks for the meat turner; I really appreciate the gesture as well. I’d be happy to refer anyone to you.  Thanks again for a great product and great customer service!

  9. Kyle Laughbaum

    The stainless grates look awesome!!!!  Very pleased.  I’ll be cooking some steaks tomorrow evening.  Can’t wait.

  10. Huck B.

    Quality work with great service. I highly recommended Gallagher Metal Works.

  11. Robert Sellers

    Craftsmanship is out standing

  12. Rich W.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Rich W.
  13. Steve Nottingham

    Very pleased with the three grill grates Gallagher made for me. It took me a while to explain what I needed made but they came through. Everything is built solid & fits perfect in my smoker. Wish you all were closer I would make you some ribs that would make your tongue smack your brain out !! Appreciate all of your hard work, will use you for future projects.

  14. Brian

    Probably THE BEST experience I have ever had, ordering online. The owner was so helpful, and on his game.
    Product was perfect, as well as shipping. Liked the fact it was made in the Good Ol’ USA! Would definitely use them again.

    Thank You


  15. Craig M

    Thanks for making the beautiful warming rack! Works great.

  16. Russel Bauer

    GMW was my first stop for the restoration of my brick pit. You exceeded my expectations with the grill grate. Now I’m in a hurry for the next phase. Thank you.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Russel Bauer
  17. Louis L.

    I had sent several questions via email before ordering a custom stainless steel grate. Richard was superb. Every email was answered promptly, thoroughly and courteously. I placed my order on March 17 and the grate was at my door on March 30. I could not have asked for better communication or service. I don’t believe it exists. And the grate was perfect! If you are thinking of purchasing from GMW, then just do it. Spend your time determining and describing exactly what you want. Do not spend time worrying about how the finished product will look. It will be perfect.
    In my opinion, this company is A+++++.

  18. Carlos J.

    Grates came out perfect!

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Carlos J.
    Image #2 from Carlos J.
    Image #3 from Carlos J.
    Image #4 from Carlos J.
    Image #5 from Carlos J.
  19. Richard Friend

  20. Leonard Burnett

  21. Mike A.

    So far so good. The quality of the craftsmanship has exceeded my expectations upon 1st use.

  22. Adam F.

    Very happy with my purchase! Was so tired of trying to clean rust off my old grill-grate. The cost of the stainless steel grate will certainly be worth the time I save in cleaning my old one!

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Adam F.
  23. Brian D.

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