Flag pole holder bracket for 1″ pole 45 Deg

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Flag Pole Holder holds a 1″ diameter flag pole at a 45 deg. angle. Will not rust or leave rust marks on the mounting surface. The holder is made from 304 Stainless steel and comes with hardware for mounting flag holder to masonry or wood all hardware is stainless steel. Holder measures 2″ wide x 6″ long 1/4″ thick and extends from wall 4″holder has a satin stainless steel finish.

  You will not find a better made, longer lasting flag holder period, thousands have been sold around the world  in the last 7 years. Check out our reviews and see for yourself what our customers are saying.





Flag pole holder 45 Deg  . Made in USA.

Flag pole holder bracket holds a 1″ pole 45 deg deg angle. Will not rust or leave rust marks on the mounting surface. The holder is made from 304 Stainless steel and comes with hardware for mounting flag holder to masonry or wood all hardware is stainless steel. Holder measures 2″ wide x 6″ long 1/4″ thick and extends from wall 4″holder has a satin stainless steel finish.

These flag pole holder brackets  work great on your home, business, boat, truck or dock.

Mounting is simple with all hardware need included, Stainless steel screws for wood mounting and plastic shields for masonry. Bracket will accept flag poles up to 1″ outside dimension. The only modification to your flag pole is drilling a 5/16″ hole through the pole for the stainless steel pin to hold your flag pole in place. The gustiest of winds will not break the bracket or allow your flag to fall out. In addition they will not rust, leave rust marks or require painting.




Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 5.5 × 3.5 in
Mounting hardware

Mount to wood, Mount to masonry, Mount to metal

70 reviews for Flag pole holder bracket for 1″ pole 45 Deg

  1. Hunter

    I bought two of these at first, one to install on a neighbors house and one for my own. I was forced to buy another as a third neighbor insisted on having mine!
    They saw how nice it looked installed and we’re in desperate need of a replacement after theirs broke, so I was happy to let them have it.
    These brackets are the talk of the town on our block now, and have become the new standard in which to compare all others!
    I finally installed my own and as expected, it looks great. Extremely sturdy and proud to have it on my home.
    Thanks GMW for a great American-made product!

  2. Robert Tatman

    Great workmanship and construction. The finish is great. And it is made in the USA!

  3. Donald H.

    I haven’t installed the flag pole holder bracket yet, but it is exactly what I was looking for. I had searched the internet for a stout flag pole holder, as we live in Wyoming and the winds can pick up, especially in the winter. Anyway, nothing I could find was anywhere near what I envisioned. Then I found you guys, not sure how, but there was the answer — perfect. The holder itself is pure quality, heavy SS, pretty welds and overall just the thing. Your packing also speaks of quality. Very well packed and obviously a piece of work a skilled fabricator made and presented with pride. The only thing you might consider would be to offer a companion SS flag pole to match the holder. Again, the internet doesn’t have the quality to match the holder. you can buy metal rotating flag mounting rings to finish off the kit. Just a thought. Fine work, Gallagher!

  4. LGC

    I am blown away. I had forgotten how nice real “Made in USA” is. This bracket replaced the shameful molded plastic thing I had been using for a year.

    The fit and finish, the quality of the weld bead, the way the tube is beveled at the edge, the drain hole is chamfered – even the maker’s mark – speaks volumes.

    Is it expensive? Yes. Is it worth it? Yes! Last one you’ll have to buy. This is on a different planet than all the cast / stamped “made in usa” or “made in china” chintz you find these days at the hardware stores. You should sell this at Ace, Mr. Gallagher! I only found yours after searching in sheer desperation for “Stainless flag bracket” “Made in USA” Even after looking for flag hardware for the past year, I didn’t know about yours.

    My 50-star flag is flying from it. Come this weekend, it’ll be my new US-made Betsy Ross for the duration of the 4th of July weekend.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from LGC
  5. William L.

    THE best bracket available. USA and made to last, unlike 98% of what’s available online and in store, pot metal castings from overseas. Don’t waste your time, buy this one.

  6. Anonymous

    very well made product

  7. Hunter B

    Folks, don’t think twice. Help support this great company and our hard-working American citizens, not the Amazon CEO. These flag pole holders are so well made, they are a centerpiece by themselves. I bought one for me and my neighbor and was blown away by the attention to detail when opening the box. You just don’t see this quality anywhere else. They are great gifts and will outlast you and your home.

    • gallaghermetalworks

      Hunter, Thank you very much.

  8. Bruce J.

    This thing is beautiful and built like a tank. What could be better than displaying an American flag in an American made flag holder.

  9. Anonymous

    Well made and attractive product.

  10. Joe Thompson

  11. Anonymous

    Attention to detail and pride of craftsmanship!

  12. Chad

    It’s like artwork. I hesitated at price but it’s completely worth it. Should have bought it a year ago.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Chad
  13. Richard H.

    solid bracket

  14. Raymond

  15. Robert Meador

    Liked the first one so much I decided I needed another to put out a second flag!

  16. Ann

    The product is as it is shown with high quality stainless steel. We love it!

  17. John G.

  18. Arthur Charbonneau

  19. Scott S.

    My Gallagher flag pole holder is well crafted and made of high grade stainless steel. Some may say it’s an over-kill but living 1 block from the Chesapeake Bay, I get a lot of wind and salt. Previous flag pole holders have all corroded or broken. At first glance the price for this one seems a little steep but considering it will last a lifetime, I consider the money well spent. Anyone who has ever had a boat will definitely appreciate the quality and craftmanship of this product.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Scott S.
  20. James

    Outstanding quality. An American flag deserves an American-made holder!

  21. JOHN Cuc

    Beautiful work!

    • gallaghermetalworks

      Thank You.

  22. Wendy Cross-Finley

    This flag holder is so well made, very impressive stainless welding! I am so happy with it. Thank you!

    • gallaghermetalworks

      Thank you,I do take pride in my work.


  24. Anonymous

  25. Stella Hotchkiss

    Quality & craftsmanship

  26. Christopher

    Impressive construction. Solid and nicely finished. Expect my flagpole to give out LONG before this bracket will. Bravo!!

  27. John M.

  28. Robert Bentley

    This is my 3rd bracket purchase, this one a gift. All used in a coastal environment – perfect for corrosion resistance! Great quality and finish

  29. Ken and Mary Hawko

    Perfect welds & total quality product! Kudo’s to the owners & workmanship of this high quality flag holder.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Ken and Mary Hawko
  30. Robert Bentley

    Very high quality finish, with clear instructions. The locking pin is a very nice addition.

  31. Gary B.

    Exceeded my expectations!! Needed a flag pole holder that could withstand a tremondous amount of wind. It is located on a boat dock that really takes a beating. This holder is very solid and well built!! I have no doubt that it will hold up to the harsh conditions I installed it in. The hardware provided to be able to attach it to a 2 1/2″ x 2 1/2″ square metal pole was perfect! I highly recommend buying product from Gallagher Metal Works!!

  32. Aaron H.

    Solid well made product.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Aaron H.
    Image #2 from Aaron H.
    Image #3 from Aaron H.
    Image #4 from Aaron H.
  33. Toney M.


    More than satisfied at the quality and craftsmanship. A piece of art in itself!

  35. Douglas

  36. Harlan Hogan

    Beautiful craftsmanship

  37. Nick E.

    This is a very good product. The bracket will certain meet our needs. It is well made and able to withstand the winds we get around here. We are very pleased to have found it.

  38. Wm Burruss

  39. BILL P.

    I went through three plastic flag holders. They tore at the top due to weight of a wet flag. My neighbor says this one made of stainless steel will be here forever! THANKS

  40. James B

  41. Eric Gonzalez

    Excellent product, high quality. The included screws use a square head instead of traditional phillips/flat head, so be prepared for that. Would definitely buy again.

  42. Douglas

    Over the years I have probably spent in excess of $75.00 on replacing cheaper adjustable aluminum brackets that snapped in half in high winds. This should certainly be the last flag pole bracket I will ever need to purchase. It’s a piece of art and appears to be strong as an ox. If this thing breaks in a storm, I am sure I will have a lot more damage to be concerned about than a flag and a bracket. Thanks for providing a great product made in the USA


  44. Greg

    Very high quality. Way better than any junk you will find at the big box store. Love it.



  46. Anonymous

    I couldn’t have asked for a better flag pole bracket. These are great. Thanks much!

  47. Candace C.

    Superb quality and quick delivery.

  48. John B.

    Top of the line.

  49. David A Carpenter

    Having just had our house repainted, I wanted to install a new flag pole holder bracket resistant to corrosion; the previous bracket left a rust stain on the white molding where I display the flag. After considerable searching, I was excited to find the Gallagher Metal Works 45 degree stainless steel bracket. In addition to being manufactured with corrosion resistant stainless steel, I also like the elongated 2″X6″ base with 5″ on center mounting holes. This provides a stable platform that can withstand windy/gusty weather. The pin with pull ring further secures the flag.

  50. Mike C.


  52. Brian D.

    Fantastic! Finally found an American made, high quality, stainless steel, beautifully welded hunk of metal that will last forever. Our flag deserves to be displayed in this. Look no further.

  53. michael dust

    Solid construction, very pleased.

  54. William A. Zinnikas

    Rich does fine work, both from a mechanical and artistic perspective … and at a very reasonable price! The custom gusset he added at my request was artfully designed, attached with a perfect TIG bead, and is exactly what I was looking for. Dealing with Rich was a pleasure and I will certainly use Gallagher Metal Works again for future custom projects!! Bridgewater NJ.

  55. Michael B.

    Very nicely made. Should last forever.

  56. Steve Richmond

    Well built mount. It’s hard to find things that are built to last these days. Thank you!

  57. Elizabeth Correia

  58. Tom H.

    Fantastic flagholder!

  59. Michael Simmons

    So I bought my “brick” house 3 years ago and it had a normal flag pole bracket that was installed by the previous owner. It would consistently pull out of the mortor from the top. Physics!… Go figure! I saw this bracket with an online search, and knew it would solve my problem due to the length of the bracket creating less tension on the top anchors. It works beautifully and looks great too!

  60. Anonymous

    After replacing my flag pole holder every couple of years because they fell apart, I searched the internet to find, what I believe to be the most solid, long lasting flag pole holder. Great material, simple and solid design. Very pleased and proud to have this displaying my American flag. Thank you Rich. Wading River, NY

  61. Amy Bowman

    Outstanding craftsmanship! I ordered a metal flag holder and couldn’t be more pleased with the attention to detail. The packaging was well done and personalized note from the owner was appreciated. Beaufort, SC

  62. Nick Leonard

    Easily the sturdiest, best made flag bracket around. Highly recommend! Aroda, VA

  63. Rich Angelo

    Hi Rich,   Received my flag holder today and thank you. I emailed you a little while back and questioned whether or not a gusset would be needed due to the open fields and high winds at our house,  I have lost many brackets in the past only to find my beloved American flag laying on the ground with the busted bracket still attached to the pole.

  64. Christopher E Meyer

    This flag pole mount succeeds where others fail. Super strong and we’ll crafted. I would recommend this mount to anyone who flies a flag daily. Pensacola, FL

  65. Barry Donewar

    Being from Sebastian, Florida, I do not have to tell you that summer storms and 60+ mph winds can blow off the water in an instant. Here in Luling, Louisiana, a stone’s throw from the Gulf coast, I see it regularly. In the past year, I have broken three flag brackets and bent two poles. I just received your stainless version and I think my problems are solved! These are amazingly heavy and I can’t wait for an off day to install them. Thank you for a wonderful product, made by the owner of an American small business.Barry Donewar Luling, Louisiana,

  66. Frank Peterson

    I ordered this a couple of months ago and just put it up. This thing is solid, very well built, and gives me 100% confidence. I mounted it on the front of my brick house, and looks great. Very happy, very satisfied! Thanks!

  67. Scott Eccleston

    Couldn’t ask for more. Custom order, received in a timely fashion. Nice piece of hardware, amazing craftsman. Thank you

  68. Michael Caponi III

    A well-made product which the wind tested all weekend. It was nice not to worry about the flag ending up in my neighbors’ yard.

  69. Raymond

    Quality product constructed with pride & workmanship. Stainless steel will work well on a brick house, no tarnish from the elements. You have to be a manual labor type of guy like myself to fully appreciate all of the detail work in this item. Would recommend to others. A job well done!

  70. Greg

    Well made product! Fast shipping.

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